Show History



The Steven Spellmaster Stage Hypnotist Show began as a weekend club show back in 1994.  With a love for entertaining, a fascination of the mind and an itch for travel, it was only a matter of time before Steven commenced touring Australia extensively, taking this high quality, energetic comedy spectacular to national and international levels.  From 1994 to 1999, Steven dedicated time and energy gaining publicity in newspapers, radio and television appearances such as “The Footy Show”, “Midday Australia”, “The Denise Drysdale Show”, “NBN Telethon” and many more.

Steven approached venues and the Newcastle Knights with free performances and exposed the show to masses of audiences up to 28,000 with volunteers of 75 people hypnotised at one time.

After 5 years of self promotion, living and breathing the show, the wheels were set in motion, it was time to take the show on the road and tour full time.  To test the water, Steven booked a 4 week tour in Sydney, Wollongong and Western NSW.  Steven financially funded the show with television advertising and paper leaflets distributed face to face in every area to ensure a successful tour.  Was it a success?  No.  It was a major flop with with some venue cancellations and minimal ticket sales.  Steven’s attitude of “you have to start somewhere” and his gratitude to those who had made the effort to attend a show they had never heard of, motivated him to continue on with the tour and perform to audiences as small as 7 people AND LOVE EVERY MINUTE!

After this unsuccessful tour 99% of people suggested it was time to give up.  With Steven’s self belief and desire to succeed, he designed a marketing concept that could not fail.  Steven sent letters to every local business in every area he was performing in and offered management and staff free tickets to attend the show with the idea that once they saw the show and enjoyed it they would happily pay for a ticket next time he toured in their area.

So for the next 12 months, performing 3-5 shows per week, The Steven Spellmaster Stage Hypnotist Show was filling venues with capacity crowds throughout Australia for absolutely FREE!  You know you love what you are doing when you work for free.

Following Steven’s year of free shows was the reward of massive ticket sales and full houses throughout Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea from 2001-2006 returning by popular demand to some venues up to ten times.

Since conquering the tour circuit and having a desire for more challenges, Steven began offering his talents as a television commercial presenter.  Once again, Steven was faced with the same negativity and suggestions that he was “just a hypnotist” and wouldn’t succeed.  After many rejections, Steven proved his presenting skills by appearing in commercials for free.  Driven by motivation, Steven once travelled a round trip of 3000 kms to present a commercial in Victoria whilst in the middle of a tour of Northern NSW.

Steven’s dedication has once again paid off with over 20 television commercials Australia wide now added to his resume and more to come.